I’m Giada and my passion is to support Individuals and Companies to embrace change and design

in their lives, careers or businesses

In your personal and professional life, there are recurring moments where you wonder what you want to grow into next, moments when you ask yourself “Now what?”

“What’s Next” is my way of putting at your service different approaches and tools so that you can find, not only your answers but a methodology that reflects you and that you can use whenever you need it.

What’s Next Life

Have you achieved many things so far but they didn’t bring you where you expected? Do you feel that something is missing but you can’t understand why? I will support you to have clarity starting from yourself

What’s Next Work

Do you find yourself often wondering if you are really in the right job? Do you have this business idea in the back of your mind and are always telling yourself that creating your own business it’s just a dream? Let’s figure out together what you really want

What’s Next Business & Freelance

Did you open your business from a passion and now you want to understand how to grow your products and services? I can support you to do that gaining a deep understanding about what your customers want

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The “Career Break” and the “Back to work” topics are dear to me because they are part of my direct life experience. I’ve been through the struggle of figuring out what I wanted from my life and job at 40s, through the blocks that stopped me to take action again, through the feelings of “not being enough“. At the same time, I understand how difficult is to find and hire the right candidate for your business or your team.

That’s why I committed to having an impact on this topic that has deep social consequences on so many lives.


If you quit your job to move abroad or to take care of your family and feel that it’s the right moment to go back to work: I feel you! I’ve been in your shoes and I know that returning to work is not an easy path and requires to have clarity about our goals, to take care of your self-esteem, and to move forward one step at a time


Are you struggling to find the right people for your Business? Would you like to have a social impact while hiring them? Then remember that there is an untapped pool of candidates often characterized by I a huge commitment and dedication: the Career Break talent!


to find new and creative solutions

on the Back to Work topic.

Would you like to have an impact sharing your personal or your company’s experience?

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Who worked with me says…

I have gotten to know Giada as a great coach. She knows how to ask the right questions and enables you to understand, what it is, that you want.She has the expertise to give you all the practical advice, structure, tools and encouragement that you need if you have a goal that you wish to achieve. At the same time she is incredibly nice, warm and I enjoy our conversations about motherhood and being an expat in Zürich a lot. I am very grateful for our journey together.


I had an amazing opportunity to be coached by Giada. I was feeling totally lost, since I became a mom and moved to Switzerland, missing my professional life and being as housewife. She helped me to go back on track, to organise my day by day, through wonderful process to understand what I wanted to do. Our journey gave me a boost of confidence to open my company, now I can work from everywhere! Thank you Giada, you deserve a huge success.


Working with Giada before and after we moved to Stockholm has prepared me very well for all the big and small surprises that come with moving to another country with the whole family and all the organisation involved. She helped me to structure the moving process as well as my first steps to start getting back to business. And also to master the emotional side of it all. She is a great listener with a big warm heart , a clear presence and a lot of experience in the field. I felt very well supported and can highly recommend working with her!


Giada has been my wonderful coach during a phase in my life in which I knew I wanted to start working again after a career break, due to a few international transfers, but I did not know what path I would need and want to take. Thanks to Giada’s coaching I was able to pull out my own resources and create a plan which led me to successfully pursue the return to work in the best possible way for me. Being a coach myself, I particularly appreciate a few aspects of Giada’s coaching, which I believe make her so effective. First of all, Giada herself has gone through a career break, therefore she deeply understands what her clients face. Moreover, she had a great ability to support me in creating an authentic vision of what I wanted and guide me to explore all the options, making me opening up to new possibilities. Giada played a key role in transforming the vision I had created into a practical and pragmatic plan, balancing empathy with challenge, when needed. Giada showed a great ability to adapt her style to my needs, as well as using different tools according to the conversation and goal we were working on. She is a truly a fantastic coach and she has been able to surround herself with a great professional network. She’s fully dedicated to serve her clients and she’s always studying and updating herself to learn new methodologies and tools. An heartfelt thank you to Giada for her amazing support!