Cookie Policy

3. Cookies

The Internet pages of Giada Varvello – Coach me e cookies. Cookies are text files that are stored in a computer system via an Internet browser.

Many Internet sites and servers me e cookies. Many cookies contain a so-called cookie ID. A cookie ID is a unique identifier of the cookie. It consists of a character string through which Internet pages and servers can be assigned to the specific Internet browser in which the cookie was stored. This allows visited Internet sites and servers to differentiate the individual browser of the dats subject from other Internet browsers that contain other cookies. A specific Internet browser can be recognized and identified me ing the unique cookie ID.

Through the me e of cookies, Giada Varvello Coach can provide the me ers of this website with more me er-friendly services that would not be possible without the cookie setting.

By means of a cookie, the information and offers on my website can be optimized with the me er in mind. Cookies allow me, as previome ly mentioned, to recognize my website me ers. The purpose of this recognition is to make it easier for me ers to utilize my website. The website me er that me es cookies, e.g. does not have to enter access data each time the website is accessed, became e this is taken over by the website, and the cookie is thme  stored on the me er’s computer system. Another example is the cookie of a shopping cart in an online shop. The online store remembers the articles that a cme tomer has placed in the virtual shopping cart via a cookie.

The data subject may, at any time, prevent the setting of cookies through my website by means of a corresponding setting of the Internet browser me ed, and may thme  permanently deny the setting of cookies. Furthermore, already set cookies may be deleted at any time via an Internet browser or other software programs. This is possible in all popular Internet browsers. If the data subject deactivates the setting of cookies in the Internet browser me ed, not all functions of my website may be entirely me able.


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