About me

I’m Giada, Change Agent, Coach, Consultant.

Design Thinking addicted and advocate for diversity, focused on the Back to work topic.

Passionate about people, change and the new methodologies to make it effective I help individuals, teams & Companies to face change and design what’s next in an Agile world

I do it through Coaching – Consulting – Mentoring

I don’t believe in one fits all solution: that’s why I love to mix different approaches that I have learned and experimented in many years of Project Management in a Corporate and in creating my own business.

Professionally grown in a HR Company, in all the Projects I’ve handled I’ve always been the junction ring between people belonging to different departments and companies and I’ve soon learned that the key to deliver outstanding results was to unlock people’s full potential.

After relocating to Switzerland I’ve decided to broaden my knowledge on people development by joining a Master to become a Professional Coach. I have then created my own business, helping individuals and Companies to design what’s next and to take their steps towards it.

At the same time I’m constantly learning new Agile approaches for people and project Management like Design Thinking, Scrum and Agile People management to better understand the needs and challenges of the people I’m supporting and to improve the toolbox I use in my Practice.

I love running, dancing, walking in the wood, enjoying a great dinner with my friends and I find in irony and laugh my secret tools to approach life.

If you decide that it’s time to take care of your future, your team or your Business using change as a good opportunity to grow, contact me: