WHAT I’VE LEARNED FROM RUNNIG – Why you don’t have to be slim, athletic and supercool to go running

It’s early in the morning and I’m tired. Morning is not the best part of my day, my body is slow and needs time to wake up. But I’ve learned to trust him because I know how I will feel later.

I prepare my dress, socks and my running shoes that have become like good friends for me.

Everything’s telling me to stay at home but I’m going out, I go running.

My relationship with running started 6 years ago, when I received a training plan from a good friend. I had already tried before but it was so tiresome that I couldn’t understand if it would have been better to persist or to stop before falling exhausted on the floor.

So I decided to try again. Starting with few minutes per day I managed to run for one hour few months later.

Let’s be clear, I’m not an athlete and only God knows the difficult relationship I’ve had with my body throughout the years, but this sport has been for me much more than just a physical training.

What I’ve learned from running


The first day I went running I was full of doubts and questions about my chances to succeed. But I simply decided to do it, no matter what and my body has always supported me – sometimes with strength, sometimes with slowness – giving me the possibility to run on different lands: asphalt, topsoil or running in the wood with naked feet. It gave me a clear message: if I don’t manage to do something, it’s because I don’t even try.


Running always requires me a lot of effort, even now after years of practice.

At the beginning I was perceiving it like a weight that was bringing me down, then I changed approach and decided to look at it as a good friend. If you simply accept the effort you’re making it can tell you a lot of interesting things: it allows you to feel parts of your body you always forget during the day, it cleans up your mind, it tells you if you’re doing well and at the end of the run, it lets you feel capable of everything.


I had always asked myself to perform: I set time and distance goals, I used apps to measure the improvements, I’ve been struggling about why I was the only human being not losing weight with running. As it happened some other times in my life I started wondering why I was not performing as expected and, as a result, I was slowly ruining everything. So I took a decision: switch app off and no target. Just go out to enjoy running. While I run I feel invincible, it doesn’t matter if from outside I look like the ICE AGE`s sloths 😉


There’s a magic moment, that always touches me when I run: it’s when I cross the glance of another runner. Sometime is someone who’s running, sometime is someone going to the office, but his glance and his smile tells me that he knows how I feel and why I run. It’s this moment when I feel connected to people I’ve never met before and probably I’ll never meet again.

So, when I’m down, when I think I will not be able to do something or that I’m not enough exactly as I am, I think about running and about what I’ve learned from it.

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