Hi, I’m Giada,

A Coach, blogger, dreamer and serial laugher, committed to support expat to live a fulfilling life everywhere.

My mission is to help my client to have a purpose in their transition in a new country.

I’ve tried to find my way through life, trying out different things and different experiences. But even if I had good friends, a loving family and a fulfilling job, the feeling that something was amiss was always there, lurking.

When I moved from Milan to Switzerland I was excited by the new challenges ahead, and the opportunity to meet new people and new cultures. Leaving my job and being a full-time mom and homemaker was not easy, though, and gave me the opportunity to dig a little deeper, and discover what I really wanted in life.

That’s why I’ve decided to start from scratch and become an Expat Career & Transition Coach: to help people facing the same struggles to go back to themselves, gently rediscover their authentic self (as opposed as to who the world thinks they should be), and, based on this new awareness, to create and deeply enjoy a life and a job on their own terms.

In my job I bring my skills as a Coach, my own experience being myself an expat and the knowledge acquired working for ten years in an HR Multinational Company, dealing with: Project Management, Training, CRM, Web Management and Online Communication.

I’m open, love to talk straight, dreaming big but then tranlsating the vision in a practical plan, and “honesty” is not something I get to compromise

If you are planning to move

or you’ve already moved in a new Country

and need support on how to take the best from it,

contact me


I’ll be happy to be at your side along the way!

I work personally and via Skype, in Italian and English

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